Review - The Invisible Man

Artist: Mark Eitzel

The Invisible Man
Label: RCA
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: The Invisible Man

Former American Music Club miserablist Mark Eitzel doesn't trod the beaten poet path in illuminating his mopey gaze. Maybe that's why, despite standard indie arrangements, his songs bring as much joy to the thinking sad set as they do. On "The Invisible Man," Eitzel's whimsical tales from the other side of genius, incorporate a cast of miscreants that all come to the conclusion: Life is worth the dreaming.

"The Boy With The Hammer," fizzles with David Gray techno tapping, while "Christian Science Reading Room" stumbles in similar narcotic aside, It's an ode to being high that ends with Eitzel and his cat becoming Christian Scientists, finding that the world became more beautiful "as its teeth were revealed."