Review - Junkie Rush

Artist: Junkie Rush


True to their name, Junkie Rush writhe and twitch in a narcotic power-swirl of rhythmic bombast, twisting the best of leader Bobby Koelble's eclectic, electric noodling around a genre-defying blend of tweaked-out jazz and nervous power rock. Nowhere is that more apparent than on the frenetic opener, "Make It Go," where frequent gear shifting eventually gives way to free-form ranting and ascending mad saxophone.

But it's not all turbo-charged insanity. On the relatively sedate "Sittin' on a Wave," Koelble laments inertia to a laid-back groove, with a lazy mantra of: "Another day goes by, still not closer than I was. I wish that I was high ..." You are. Meanwhile, "Face On My Brain" offers dreamy smart-rock escape, with filtered vocal detachment and pedaled-out guitars.

Junkie Rush's self-titled debut makes for a smart testament to progression in the anything-goes local scene, giving up simplicity for a complicated itch.