Review - Can Our Love ...

Artist: Tindersticks


Tinderstick's lopey raconteur, Stuart Staples, has never been one to shy away from the darker ends of the heart's sloppy drain, often traveling into the sweeter strains of death and blindness through an array of characters. "On Can Our Love ...," Staples drips even deeper into his own chest to find a place of personal sadness and, ultimately, solace.

"I've seen it all and it's all done/I've been with everyone and noone," he drones on "Dying Slowly," all droopy eyed in the distance between Bryan Ferry and Nick Cave. On "Tricklin'" he loops overlapping streams of consciousness over one insistent keyboard chord. And the title track -- note elipsis without hopeful question mark -- is pure old soul, swayed down in a Valium haze.