Review - Owls

Artist: OWLS


After many years in various incarnations, the original lineup of the seminal Cap'N Jazz has reformed into Chicago's newest incestuous art-rock experiment, Owls. With a lineup featuring Tim Kinsella (Joan of Arc), Mike Kinsella (Joan of Arc, American Football), Victor Villarreal (Ghosts and Vodka) and Samuel Zurick (Joan of Arc, Ghosts and Vodka), Owls retain the jagged, angular edginess of their respective previous outfits while sonically stripping down to the bare-boned basics of a simple rock band.

Still retaining his penchant for quixotic song titles ("I Want the Blindingly Cute to Confide In Me," "Life In the Hair Salon-Themed Bar on the Island"), Tim Kinsella manages to warble and yodel his way through this self-titled musical math test of an album and leave you humming all the choruses: Try to make it through the punchy "Everyone Is My Friend" without reprising the song's mantra, "May we all make it home safely." And, adding to the Owls' supergroup vibe, überproducer Steve Albini twisted the knobs.