Review - Twisted Forever

Artist: Various Artists


Bands like Twisted Sister really helped MTV in the early years. Everyone remembers the "We're Not Gonna Take It" video; you know, the one with lead singer Dee Snider taking on Tipper Gore and the PMRC on Capitol Hill. The band that bathed itself in rebellion and a lot of makeup was due for a tribute record, and "Twisted Forever" rightly includes some big names on it. The problem is that some of those names don't deliver. Joan Jett's "We're Not Gonna Take It" is worthless and weak. Chuck D's attempts to "Wake Up the Sleeping Giant" fails miserably. A reunited Twisted Sister even tackles AC/DC's "Sin City."

Alas, there are some pleasant surprises: Motorhead does justice to "Shoot 'Em Down;" Overkill brutalizes "Under the Blade;" Lit actually rocks "I Wanna Rock," and former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach does a fantastic job on "You Can't Stop Rock N Roll." These bands pay respect to a fellow hard-rock band the way it should be done -- don't fool around too much, just crank up the volume and play.