Review - Toxicity

Artist: System of a Down


Politically charged, pissed- off and loud-as-hell are only a few apt descriptions for L.A.-based System Of A Down. Their rage comes from the members' Armenian heritage, and it seeps into each track. When Serj Tankian sings, it is almost as if the sorrow of millions of people are in his voice, which combines the Islamic cryer at dusk and the fury of a tornado's destructive force.

Some of the cuts on "Toxicity" deal with the political philosophies of the band. "Prison Song" points out that there are more people incarcerated in this country than ever in its history and mandatory sentences should be abolished. Listening to "Deer Dance," you can feel the oppression of the uniformed officer "Pushing little children with their fully automatics/ They like to push the weak around." The melodic yet gargantuan sound laid down by the band is simply stunning, going from quiet, melodic guitar to a brutal monster crunch (courtesy of Daron Malakian). System Of A Down is a band that is ripe for big-time success and is getting better with each album.