Review - Ill Gotten Gains

Artist: Michael J. Sheehy


Coming off like either a straight Marc Almond or a gay Bryan Ferry, Michael J. Sheehy (former leader of the little heard Dream City Music Club) adeptly revives the Jacques Brel cabaret ghost, only this time with a little Jack Daniels on its breath. "Ill Gotten Gains" teems with the sort of bedsit headaches and nightclub stains associated with British drunk subculture, but swings a lonely lightbulb of romance and regret over the top of it, as if -- for one night only -- this is a show. "Some People Love to Get Hurt," he croons on the song of the same title. By all appearance, Sheehy is one of them. But with tales as wistful as album opener "Sweet Blue Gene," Sheehy's hurt is clearly the sort that is OK to enjoy.