Review - Big Muff

Artist: Lava Baby


It's a thin line between sugar and saccharin in the Josie & The Pussycats, girl-pop world. You want to sound sweet ... but not too sweet. With a title like "Big Muff" hormonally titillating their second release (um, it's also a guitar pedal), the girls of New York's Lava Baby clearly have other things than candy on their minds. Chanelling equal parts Go-Go's and Luscious Jackson, the babe trio (plus two guys backing up) churns through an almost irresistable onslaught of irony-free, iron-on fun.

Album opener "Sex Junkie" is a thigh-slap of sexual situation comedy, while "Now That You're Mine," bites back at the boys with a tongue-cheeked refrain of, "All the fellas say she's pretty fly for a white girl." Things aren't always so obviously riotous, though, as on the dead-on cover of the Split Enz paranoia classic, "I Got You," all fuzzed out in Pop Rocks euphoria. While their first record found auspicious acclaim in the music pages of teen pinup rags, here the Lava girls sound more equipped to take the world by it's balls, and leave only chewing gum behind