Review - Brighton Park

Artist: La Makita Soma

Brighton Park
Label: Someoddpilot Records
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Brighton Park

Living La Makita Soma means living in the dreamy netherworld of post-everything, characterized by electronic and psychedelic textures and moody prog instrumentals. Sharing Chicago roots with Tortoise, La Makita Soma is often compared to that band, which has made a career out of creating cosmic noodling. But "Brighton Park"'s musical stream of consciousness is more layered and surreal than Tortoise's minimal tendencies.

"Brighton"'s songs use washes of treated guitar, gurgles of analog synth and chimey vibes to create a kind of weightlessness as the rhythms constantly shift and change. The disc's more rock vibe is noticeable early on in songs like "South On Western" and especially "Lexington & Campbell," where a synth rhythm is subsumed in some heavy guitar riffing. It keeps the band's playful sound and adventurous textures moving La Makita Soma far beyond the drone du jour.