Review - Oracle

Artist: Kittie


With its second full-length, "Oracle," Canadian nü-metal novelty act Kittie (all young girls!) are out to prove that the band's gold-selling debut wasn't a fluke. To do this, the group -- now trim-med down to a three-piece -- has conjured up the blackest and heaviest realms of metal, incorporating hell-heavy riffs, double-bass drum licks and Cookie Monster vocals. The truth is that any metal fan older than Mandy Moore will tell you that we've heard it all before, performed by far superior musicians.

Sure, "What I Always Want-ed" and "Mouthful of Poison" hit their respective marks, appropriately boiling the blood of those who dare, but the rest of "Oracle" is an incredibly dull and lifeless affair. (Check the cover of Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell.") But you know what? It doesn't matter -- Kittie's peers will eat this stuff up, even if it is merely reheated leftovers.