Review - Stories Often Told

Artist: The Sadies


Sounding more like Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet than the bands they find themselves continually compared to, The Sadies have lovingly combined lounge suave, spaghetti western echo-twang, surf rock and a tiny dose of shit-kick into a pretty tasty blend over the course of three albums. Though far from being a purely instrumental outfit, it's on wordless numbers like the Morricone-inspired "A#1" that The Sadies shine most brightly. Sure, they can pull off a post-Byrds gem like "Such A Little Word" pretty easily, but this is a band that's more about creating a vibe, and on the tracks where there's singing, the vocals are quite secondary to the overall sound generated by the group. Of course, that sound can range from honky-tonk ("Tiger Tiger") to "The Big Gundown" ("Lay Down Your Arms") to downright psychedelic ("Of Our Land"), so expect your attention span to get a workout.