Review - Brand New Sin

Artist: Brand New Sin


Three guitarists -- that's how riff-chunky the sound of Brand New Sin is, a band so unashamedly rock, they need three guys churning out the power chords to get their point across. And the result is stunning. Blatantly beholden to the tenets of ass-kicking groove rock, BNS' self-titled debut shows a band positively swimming in their own testosterone. Thankfully devoid of the post-metal irony that afflicts most newer heavy-rock acts, these Syracuse boys inject the right amount of melody (the soaring chorus of "Sad Wings" makes you smile with gleeful metalhead abandon) to make their big-ass crunch that much more enjoyable. Though occasionally evoking the stadium grunge of a band like Alice In Chains, and even dishing up a quease-inducing ballad, Brand New Sin's balls-out rock comes off like a whisky-soaked, hip-cocked update of Masters of Reality's thick riffage. It's unabashedly heavy and mightily rockin'. Real rock bashed out by real men is something of an anomaly these days, and BNS should be rightly praised for remembering the power of ... well, power. And for God's sake, there are three guitarists.