Review - Journal de Tokyo

Artist: Yuko Nexus6

Journal de Tokyo
Label: Sonore -- France
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Journal de Tokyo

Yuko Nexus6 (hopefully, that's not her real name) is a Japanese electronic experimentalist engaged in what she terms "kotatsu-top music." A kotatsu is a low-to-the-ground table, much like a coffee table but shorter and perfect for a laptop. Yuko's brand of experimentalism doesn't require a kotatsu, but it does require a computer, as her compositions are built upon digital reconstructions of analog sounds, combined with the sounds of computers themselves. The results defy expectations of contemporary Japanese experimentalism, as Yuko seldom lets her short pieces (most of the tracks are two minutes or less) collapse into noise. Instead, the pieces are nearly meditative in their repetition, humming along in digital bliss, while whispery vocal bits (based on text from the novel "Tokyo Nikki") ease in and out of earshot. Delicate and oddly organic, "Journal de Tokyo" points the way for a new direction in the genre.