Review - Dubtometry

Artist: DJ Spooky


DJ Spooky's "Optometry" album of last year set tongues a-wagging with a forward-looking fusion of beat culture and free jazz that refused to cow to acid-jazz dilution and, instead, blended the inherent intensity of both genres to make a fiery statement. "Dubtometry" -- a collection of "Optometry" remixes -- moves the idea even further out by allowing Lee Perry, Karsh Kale, Negativland and others to rip into the material. Largely, the new tracks move quite a few steps away from the rather direct fusion of "Optometry" and are much more in line with Spooky's penchant for hip-hop abstraction. Beats get fractured, rhymes get assaulted (J-Live's work on "Optometrix" is, for lack of a better word, tight), and the jazz underpinnings that William Parker and others contributed so freely to the original pieces get shredded. Much more "difficult" than its root work, "Dubtometry" is nonetheless a satisfying exploration of the possibility of jazz futurism.