Review - In Defiance of Existence

Artist: Old Man's Child

In Defiance of Existence
Label: Century Media
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: In Defiance of Existence

Though featuring former and current members of Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child takes a decidedly less epic approach to its black metal, preferring instead to map out a more modern-sounding course. Chunky synth lines and processed-sounding drums suck a good bit of the life out of many of the songs on this, the band's fourth album. But when OMC gets a grinding groove going -- like on "Agony of Fallen Grace" or the title track -- they're largely successful. Yet on tracks like the spastically inchoate "Felonies of the Christian Art," there's simply too much going on for the music to be effective. Not nearly as cartoonishly "evil" as many of their Norwegian counterparts, OMC errs on the side of raging melodicism when pushing their demonic agenda and, when they don't try to do a billion things at one time, it actually works.