Review - Animal Outline

Artist: R_Garcia


IDM stands for a variety of things including Independent, or Intelligent, Dance Music, or, just as frequently: Ignorant of Dance Music. Luckily, Orlando's R_Garcia falls into the latter, sandwiching his bleeps of melody into picnics far outside clubland's trends on "Animal Outline." This is a smorgasbord of good tracks, influenced more by rock and jazz than electronica. As it opens the disc, "Picks and Whistles" lets the bass take a solo before Garcia's vocabulary of near-Atari tones rushes the mantle and conquers with a peculiarly romantic synth sweep. "Roper" creeps prepared piano backdrops into an Aphex Twin framework, switching in the end to a cuter number. "Washing My Pants" crunches lo-fi drums and a chorus of spiritual keyboard riffs into an ecstatic pop number. The moods on Animal Outline are various and lumber between dark ambient pieces and songs that refuse to take themselves seriously.