Review - Can't Make Me!

Artist: Besh o Drom


The unbridled freneticism of Eastern European wedding bands has always provided a visceral thrill. Linking centuries of history with an energetic sense of fun, these bands are relentlessly upbeat curators of the sounds that have sent generations of newlyweds on their way to lives of potato-farming bliss. Besh o Drom -- a 7-piece "urban wedding collective" from Hungary -- explode traditional wedding band expectations by stirring in jazz, funk, hip-hop (perhaps the first Hungarian wedding rap, "Csujogató," a brash, funky romp, shows up here) and what ever else pleases them. But the stew is still insanely invigorating, just a little more modern than one might expect. Though a few tracks mellow out -- "Neyem, Neyem" is a pensive number -- the majority of this album is blazingly uptempo. "Pergetö," "Cigansko Oro" and "Nekemtenemmutogatol Oro" are all rollicking romps, while other tracks such as "Engem Anyám Megátkozott (My Mother Cursed Me)" start out quietly but eventually erupt into chaos. It's such a good time, you wish you would have had these guys at your wedding, instead of that guy belting out "(I've Had) The Time of My Life."