Review - Morphology

Artist: Afro Mystik

Label: Om
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Morphology

There's a cracking wah-pedal guitar line that, near the end of "The Odyssey," perfectly decorates the shifting, mellow funk of the song. That guitar line, with its subtle, electric implications nestled within a techno haze, quietly defines "Morphology", the album on which it rests. Afro Mystik's second album largely lives up to the futuristic, "Bitches Brew"-style artwork that adorns it, as well as to the diversity that the title implies. Hard-driving percussion ("Samba del Alma"), broken-beat progressive funk ("Who Are You") and delectably groove-oriented future-soul ("Anything You Want") are all wrapped in a jazzy, post-house ambience that's intriguing. The facility DJ Fluid (the man behind Afro Mystik) has with pushing different genres past their limitations makes "Morphology" quite a rewarding listen.