Review - The Beyond

Artist: Cult of Luna


The seeds sown by Neurosis have certainly yielded some dangerous fruit. Mixing hardcore animosity and metallic mass with a sweeping, cinematic approach, Sweden's Cult of Luna are very much influenced by the groundbreaking sound pioneered by those San Francisco anarchists, and "The Beyond" (COL's second album) takes that influence to even greater lengths. Unafraid to stretch their heaviness into eight-, nine- and 10-minute numbers that are relentlessly brutal and never resorting to geeky self-involvement in their extended passages, Cult of Luna do take a darkly apocalyptic approach to their rage. But with more spacious numbers like "Clones" -- and even on the thuddingly heavy "The Watchtower" -- they clearly are shying away from the cartoonish imagery that dominates "darker" metal in favor of a thoughtful, if not brainy, skull-scrubbing.