Review - What's Mine Is Yours

Artist: Bee and Flower


That singer/songwriter Dana Schecter is a member of ex-Swan Michael Gira's Angels of Light ensemble is telling. That her Bee and Flower project was birthed in the hip Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn and is finding its debut CD released through Neurosis' always-experimental Neurot Recordings label is even more telling. However, despite all the seemingly obvious cues that might lead one to a preconception about the sound on "What's Mine Is Yours", the 10 songs that comprise this album are anything but predictable. In the same way that Angels of Light is a melancholy, song-oriented expansion on Gira's abrasive past, Schecter wraps chamber-pop accoutrements around her darkly sparse arrangements and emerges with a sound that's as haunting as it is revelatory. Pushed along by Jon Petrow's driving violin lines and Schecter's road-hugging bass playing, the sound of Bee and Flower sways and swoons with a drunken violence that -- though elegant in its delivery -- is possessed of a smoldering touch. Songs like the cloudy "Riding on Empty" or the prickly "Dupe" ride on dulcet waves surrounded by seas of venom, and the effect is disorienting. Which, though unexpected, is certainly a pleasant surprise.