Review - Mixed Live

Artist: Baby Anne

Mixed Live
Label: Moonshine
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Mixed Live

A decade or so after being discovered by DJ Icey, Orlando's Baby Anne has not only made quite a name for herself, but has done much to preach a DJ gospel of funky breaks across the globe. This set was recorded live at Club Ra in Las Vegas just three months ago, and it's clear that the 13 cuts Anne picked from the crate did the job of keeping the crowd live. You'll know that from the ambient sounds present on the completely unnecessary 5.1 surround sound mix presented. (Is 5.1 the new Quadrophonic? You decide if you need to hear Tony Faline echoing behind you, rather than in front of you.) And live is where breaks thrives the best, a fact that is not lost on Baby Anne. Sticking purely to hard and funky tracks, it's nothing but a full-force, hands-up and ass-out breaks bomb. Being a true homegirl, she makes sure to mix Florida-centric, featuring cuts by Icey (surprise!) as well as Magic Mike and Miami's Jackal.