Review - Offcell

Artist: Pinback

Label: Absolutely Kosher
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Offcell

If I lived in San Diego, I'd make happy music too. Rob Crow (of the mighty Heavy Vegetable) and Armistead B. Smith (of Three Mile Pilot) live in San Diego, but they're best known for making heavy, strange music that is good, but not happy. With Pinback however, these San Diegans (oh, to be called that) make music that is good and strange, but also happy. This brief five-song Ep clocks in at just under a half hour and consists almost entirely of thick melodicism and infectious guitar lines, all dosed with a grimy coating of studio oddness. (The 11-minute closer, "Grey Machine" is a dense sound suite that's as loopy as it is languorous.) It's pop, yes, but it's also incredibly strange.