Review - Resurrections for Goatskin

Artist: Raz Mesinai

Resurrections for Goatskin
Label: Tzadik
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Resurrections for Goatskin

Though he got his start as part of New York's short-lived "illbient" scene (as a member of Sub Dub and solo as Badawi), Raz Mesinai eventually abandoned the genre restrictions of electronica in order to more fully explore composition and electronic improvisation. "Resurrections" is his second album of such work (his first solo album was more or less outtakes of some soundtrack work), and though he's yet to completely establish a compositional/performance voice for himself, the five pieces here are excellent. Rich with ethno-percussive abandon (hence the title) and ominous atmospheric structures, Mesinai's solo compositions ("Sacred Warrior," the title piece) evoke strong primal urges. Collaborative numbers like "Rooms" -- a resolutely dark hole at the end of the album that features tuba, cello and percussion along with Mesinai's electronics -- demonstrate an equal facility with group improvisation.