Review - Life Is Killing Me

Artist: Type O Negative


On "Life is Killing Me," the Sabbathian quartet continues to spiral downward with gloom-bound sludge and haunted melodrama that's more similar to 1996's "October Rust" than the murky cloud of stoner rock cast by 1999's "World Coming Down." "Dish Better Served Coldly" opens with chiming acoustic guitars and synthesizers, running straight into a wall of distortion and air-raid-sirenlike harmonies with the brooding baritone of vocalist/bassist/beefcake Peter Steele. The uptempo "I Don't Wanna Be Me" offers some punk-fueled energy, while the balladry of "We Were (Electrocute)" allows reverb-soaked guitars to shine a dismal light on murky passages. Reaffirming the band's odd sense of humor, "I Like Goils" sees Steele proudly proclaiming his heterosexuality ("There's no damn way I'm playing 'drop the soap'"), while "Angry Inch" (yes, from "Hedwig") serves as a surprising cover.