Review - The Singles: 81-85

Artist: Duran Duran


If you spent the majority of your middle-school allowance on the pricey import 12-inches this collection represents, you're exactly the same person that would demand accurate recreations of the artwork for "The Reflex" single. And you are the very person this 40-song, 13-disc set is aimed at. Longing for the "Monster Mix" of "Is There Something I Should Know?" Got it. Aching to relive all the "night versions" (read: dance remixes) of tracks like "Planet Earth" and "Hungry Like the Wolf?" Check. Sure, by the time you get to the back of the box and the interminable mixes of "A View to a Kill," you begin to remember why you abandoned Duran Duran for R.E.M., but while bathing in the New Romanticism of "Faster than Light" or "Khanada," you can almost feel the zits erupting on your adolescent mug.