Review - Unhallowed

Artist: The Black Dahlia Murder


From the vast chasm that opened up with the decline of Metallica emerges The Black Dahlia Murder. No, this Detroit five-piece does not sound like Metallica. Not at all. However, they do evoke the same sort of visceral, progressive scariness that those pimple-faced kids from San Francisco did when they first emerged on the scene. Masterfully combining the best byproducts of the last two decades of metal -- brutally fast drumming, densely pummeling structures, death metal howls, intricate technicality and, yes, guitar solos -- BDM prove that it's possible to stay true to the genre demands of metalheads while moving the music forward. Exponentially more intense than any other metal band this riff-accessible, this will be the band that brings truly dangerous and truly heavy music back to the masses.