Review - Not in My Name

Artist: Saul Williams


"No more transfusions of blood for oil, not in our name." "Not in our names will you erode the very freedoms you claim to fight for." "Not by our hearts will we allow whole peoples or countries to be deemed evil." Yeah, he's flinging verbal bombs -- and those are just in the first minute-and-a-half -- but damn, somebody's gotta do it, right? Williams (as usual) eloquently articulates the pent-up rage felt by everyone emotionally oppressed by the self-righteous patriotism police who dare to vilify those who question just what the hell we've been doing since Sept. 12, 2001. This isn't Williams' most musically astute adventure; some of the beats and remixes, supplied by DJ Spooky, Coldcut and others, are a little wearying. But it is his most vituperative and, for a man of Williams' overwhelming poetic talent, that means you'll be ready to storm the imperious castle that is the White House.