Review - Liberation

Artist: Karsh Kale


Karsh Kale's debut, "Realize," was a bit of a letdown, as the highly regarded percussionist failed to deliver on the tablatronic promise he offered. The album was, instead, a mushy bit of ethno-techno with very little personality. (The remix album that followed it didn't help matters much.) However, the roadwork that followed the release of "Realize," as well as Kale's work with Tabla Beat Science, most definitely informed the sound on "Liberation" and as a result, this sophomore album is a much more solid musical statement. Elegantly blending textured ambience and driving electro with his organic percussion (not strictly limited to tablas) and utilizing the abilities of a touch-em-they're-real band, the 10 tracks on "Liberation" are pleasingly substantial and innovative in approach.