Review - For Passengers

Artist: Poulain

For Passengers
Label: Fiddler
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: For Passengers

Isaac Lekach, who records under the moniker of Poulain, has titled his second 4-song EP "For Passengers" but unfortunately doesn't provide much reason for anyone to ride along. There's not much variation from the ethereal, breezy and surreal vibe that oozes from this disc. The session players who were brought in are an indication that Poulain's star is on the rise, but they can't help the digression into the synthesized miasma that often overwhelms Lekach's whispered delivery. His lyrics are filled with the melancholia of lost loves and missed opportunities but lack the maturity to elicit much sympathy. "All You Are" deviates from the formula and Lekach lulls you into complacency with his "all you are is beautiful" mantra. Even though the beautiful song turns out to be about a cold-hearted lover setting up their beau for a fall, the venom still can't cut through the misery. Good guys -- and substance -- are hard to find.