Review - Client

Artist: Client


The two self-styled anonymists that comprise Client -- going only by the names Client A and Client B -- aren't so keen on lack of identity that they won't stoop to an eponymous, self-aggrandizing opening track. Quick, name a group besides Devo who named a song after themselves that didn't suck. Can't do it can you? Client won't reverse the trend. Fully playing into the stereotypes of haughty electro-severity that plague techno music, the music is simple, raw and, were it possessed of the slightest humor or reality, it could be enjoyable. As it is, Client very much sounds like who they are: two anonymous and marginally talented keyboardists from England who got to be the first group signed to Andy Fletcher's label. If this portends a full-wave trend of Depeche Mode/Erasure revivalism, be forewarned.