Review - Nature Boy: The Standards Album

Artist: Aaron Neville


Aaron Neville has earned the right to record whatever he wants. But crossing genres is never easy for an established artist, and it's almost disorienting to hear the most recognizable voice of New Orleans' first family of music offering jazz standards. Vocalists are often incorporated as another instrument in jazz, but his falsetto isn't quite suited for that purpose. Even so, he does manage to bring a new dimension to these old standards, especially on "Who Will Buy?" and "Cry Me a River." Neville pays homage to his parents' influence with these offerings by the Gershwins, Oscar Levant, Cole Porter and others. He once again teams with Linda Ronstadt, and brother Charles and Ry Cooder also make appearances. Neville's distinction has always been his voice and it remains clear, strong and ultimately worth listening to, no matter what the forum.