Review - Split

Artist: Cream Abdul Babar/Kylesa


Call it the new brutality, but Cream Abdul Babar are tapped into a mighty vein of rage. On the four new songs they present here, the Tallahassee band has upped their own ante of aggression: "Shiss" and "Cocaine Pinata" barrel out of the gate with sputtering violence, and the other two tracks don't dare let up on the pedal, with vicious swirls of sound and barely tempered noise amplifying the chaos. Kylesa, on the other hand, check in with a five-part "suite" titled "The Curse of Lost Days." With a more metalcore background, it's somewhat surprising to hear such epic (and well-produced) pomposity from these guys, but the combination of effects and noisy samples only accentuates their heavy attack.