Review - Pacific Drift

Artist: Nobody

Pacific Drift
Label: Ubiquity
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Pacific Drift

L.A.'s got all these sad young men but very few guitars. Hence Jimmy Tamberoll's emo-tronica and Nobody's moody yet sensitive pysch-hip-hop. While Nobody entered the world of hip-hop with greats like Acyelone and Freestyle Fellowship tagging phrases to his unique creations, the tunes dropped on "Pacific Drift" have more in common with twee-pop than Pete Rock. Hip-hop's loops are cleverly replaced with a fascination for slow, mellow chords from '80s easy-listening stations. This should have led to an interesting mutation of hip-hop's formula; unfortunately, it results in a meager album that's worth a listen, but doesn't have the substance of previous efforts.