Review - Comfort Woman

Artist: Meshell Ndegeocello


Never an easy one to pin down, Meshell Ndegeocello continues her impressive development into a slightly more frightening Sade on "Comfort Woman," employing a dense sense of herbal dub detachment throughout. Gone are the "If that's your boyfriend, it wasn't last night," hard-girl reproaches; remaining is an overtly percussive take on the slow jam: see "Love Song #1," "Love Song #2" and "Love Song #3" for evidence there. One gets the sense that she's worked pretty hard to get to this point -- overriding the candy coat of industry expectations and remaining a formidable musical force -- so it's easy to forgive such hemp-bag harangues as "Come Smoke My Herb." Ultimately "Comfort Woman" comes off as a well-realized come-on. Get a room.