Review - Fancy Blue

Artist: Tywanna Jo Baskette

Fancy Blue
Label: Sweettea
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Fancy Blue

If Lisa Germano were Southern Gothic crazy (rather than Midwestern alcoholic crazy), she might sound something like the oddly named Ms. Baskette. A Nashville native who began documenting her homemade warblings on cassette deck, the songs she committed to her full-fledged studio debut maintain that singular strangeness. (In fact, "The Name Song" -- in which she rhapsodizes about â?¦ her name -- sounds like it was recorded in her bathroom, on an Edison machine.) Ostensibly, she's a "modern folk" artist, but her unique style -- all breathy distraction and stream-of-consciousness sound -- puts her well outside any genre boundaries. Though "Fancy Blue" sometimes wanders into territories too precious for words ("I Love Goat Cheese" is as silly as you think), it's a truly interesting debut from an artist more concerned with self-exorcism than hit-making.