Review - Show Me Your Tears

Artist: Frank Black and the Catholics

Show Me Your Tears
Label: SpinArt
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Show Me Your Tears

Frank Black claims that you won't like any of these songs, until you get a bottle of Scotch and listen to them again. Yet, with or without the Scotch, Black and his Catholics have put together 13 introspective songs about life on the edge. Religious iconography is rampant and it often drives his anti-hero over the edge. "When she said she did not love me, that's when I lost all hope/ So I jumped into a river, called the New House of the Pope," he laments in "New House of the Pope." He loses his life either way, whether it's to God or by his own hand; and his evening coffee and morning dope turn out to be the saviors of his lovelorn soul. That's not much of a choice, but it's better than the other two.