Review - Yoseph

Artist: Luke Vibert


Luke Vibert always has to be cool. He's side-stepped Warp's G4-powered visionaries for some time, preferring to track down cheeky '70s soundtracks while putting out Wagon Christ records via the deep-beats smokers' den known as Ninja Tune. So this Warp album is a calculated apathetic shrug to his nerdy labelmates. Replacing forward-thinking electronics with an intensely kitschy take on '80s acid house, Vibert has produced Warp's most dancefloor-ready album in years. The only problem is that it lacks intelligence. While the track "I Love Acid" could provide old-school flavor in any set, "Yoseph's" retro-styled body lacks the clever reconstructions that make artists such as Claro Intellecto and Mr. Velcro Fastener such joys to behold. This ode to times long past preens its image more carefully than the Reagan administration, but ultimately, it winds up flatter than a breaker's pair of Airwalks.