Review - Echoes

Artist: The Rapture


Back before they were anointed as jittery geniuses, The Rapture were just the noisy art band behind a forgettable 2001 Sub Pop EP. Now, however, the band has reinvented themselves as rockin' disco kings, and we need to ask and answer the pressing questions. Can you dance to this? Yeah. Is it fun? Sometimes, but so is skateboarding. Does it sound dated or contrived? Sure, but that's not necessarily bad, because this isn't music that requires too much thought. Plus, people like irony in Brooklyn. What about the rock elements? Well, "Echoes" opens with a bit that sounds like any of a number of nü-garage bands, followed by the track "Olio," which sounds like a goofy Cure song, and "Sister Saviour" would impress Johnny Marr. Does that make this a revolution? Only until the next trend.