Review - Wide Hive Remixed

Artist: Various Artists

Wide Hive Remixed
Label: Wide Hive
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Wide Hive Remixed

This CD compiles tracks from four artists (DJ Zeph, Variable Unit, Dissent and Calvin Keys) on the San Francisco indie label Wide Hive. The heaviest coverage (seven tracks) is of acid-jazzy Dissent, which often features the feathery voice of Nathalie Sanchez in the mix. However, each track here is freshly remixed from its original by a different producer, resulting in a blend of trance, hip-hop, house, electro and more. The biggest standout is BeatScape's "Brooklyn Swahili" remix of DJ Zeph's "Bronx Zulu," a vocoder-filled version that recalls freestyle house from the '80s. The supersonic fluidity of hip-hop MC Rubix (on the Rockshine remix of Variable Unit's "Seven Grain") is tight, and the earnest rhymes of Azeem (on DJ Zeph's "The Movement") are rewardingly deep.