Review - Riddim Clash

Artist: DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid


Throughout his years of riding the post-contextual train right over the heads of most headz, DJ Spooky occasionally lets loose with a record that's actually a good time. In this case, "Riddim Clash" chooses Coxsone Dodd over Jacques Derrida, and riffing on the collaborative inspiration of Ryan Moore (aka Twilight Circus Dub Sound System), Spooky unleashes a trippy beat feast. Though the dense reverb of Moore's dub attack defines the mood, it's Spooky touches like the synthetic string washes on "Dust Storm on NGC 7023" that make this an above-average disc. "Riddim Clash" isn't exactly a simple record, but within its exploration of exploding rhythms and echoplexed tracks is an undeniably visceral approach.