Review - The Legend Live DVD

Artist: Bob Marley

The Legend Live DVD
Label: Trojan/Sanctuary
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: The Legend Live DVD

With the audio and video quality improvements on this DVD combined with a more complete setlist, "The Legend Live" is a fantastic document of a man on a mission. Seeing Marley desperately try to connect to a thoroughly white California audience is still resonant. On a crusade to expose American blacks to reggae (and Rastafarianism), Marley undertook a brutal tour schedule to promote his upcoming "Survival" album that had him playing 47 shows in 49 days, and the effect on his constitution is quite clear. As these dates were near the end of the tour, Marley was doing his best to keep up with the relentless fire of the Wailers and, despite his obvious physical exhaustion, he still delivers a top-notch set. Although this 1979 Santa Barbara performance has long been available on video, the DVD reissue completely eclipses that edition by tacking on seven extra songs as well as nearly an hour of supplementary footage.