Review - Recollection: Relapse Video Collection DVD

Artist: Various Artists

Recollection: Relapse Video Collection DVD
Label: Relapse
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Recollection: Relapse Video Collection DVD

What's most surprising about this compilation of videos from Relapse's stable of heavy, post-metal artists is that these videos were made at all. With no chance of being shown by any of the "music" channels, it's clear that these clips were all constructed as visual exercises by the bands involved in the hopes that a handful of their fans might be able, at some point, to see them. In other words, there's nobody so foolishly optimistic as to think Brutal Truth would ever make it to MTV. What's also surprising is the generally high level of quality, especially when you take into consideration that these clips were probably made for next to no money. A couple videos are unintentionally funny (Amorphis' "Black Winter Day," with its hilariously gothic overtones, for instance), but for the most part, the clips from Today is the Day, Unsane, Neurosis, High on Fire, Dillinger Escape Plan and the other Relapse rockers here are well-done. And hell, it's not like you're gonna see 'em anywhere else.