Review - The Complete Truth About De-Evolution

Artist: Devo

The Complete Truth About De-Evolution
Label: Rhino DVD
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: The Complete Truth About De-Evolution

If that woman in the Swiffer commercials is overtaking your visual connection to Devo, this DVD reissue of a 1993 laserdisc should shock you back to Spudville. Though it claims abundant special features, almost everything on the disc -- from the commentary to the in-store promos Devo produced for Pioneer's laserdisc players back in the late '70s -- could be found on that laserdisc version. (A short film by the legendary Bruce Conner for "Mongoloid" is the only real bonus.) But the reasonable price ($14.98) means you shouldn't get too upset about the lack of new material. The chronological presentation seamlessly links the arch postconsumerist humor Devo instilled in all their videos, and from the faux-David Lee Roth hanging on the wall in "Worried Man" to the walleyed Korean girl in "Whip It" to the rotating spuds in "Time Out for Fun," the continuity of vision is impressive. Early material -- like the band's 1972 debut in bathrobes and monkey masks -- is quality-challenged, but illuminating. Be a dork and dig it.