Review - Damaged in Transit

Artist: Steve Swallow

Damaged in Transit
Label: Watt/ECM
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Damaged in Transit

Although bassist Swallow is the ordained leader on these live recordings (cut late 2001 in France), having composed all of the basic material, this disc is absolutely owned by the tenor sax work of Chris Potter. Potter has been steadily making a name for himself in the New York scene over the last decade through a series of support gigs and solo work that gets continually more impressive and innovative. Swallow seems to appreciate Potter's talent and, for the bulk of these nine cuts, lets the tenor player lead the way. Sure, drummer Adam Nussbaum gets ample opportunity to shine and Swallow's bass is an integral element. But on these loping, expansive numbers, Potter's brilliantly melodious playing brings everything together wonderfully. Whether it's the somber and stretched-out "Item 3, D.I.T." or the more lively freneticism of "Item 9, D.I.T." (yeah, Swallow didn't spend a lot of time naming these pieces), the rhythm section is content to provide a solid foundation for Potter to dance all over.