Review - Brazilian Girls

Artist: Brazilian Girls


Brazilian Girls recall the trendy scenes of any number of cosmopolitan capitals of the 1970s; the group's transcontinental dance pop reeks of fashionable Parisian shopping districts, German burlesque houses and deep-down-and-dirty Copacabana sex shows. Wrap it all in the madcap mood of Manhattan during its most depraved era, with its artsy Talking Heads allure and gritty Lower East Side glamour, and Brazilian Girls are a throwback that sounds positively refreshing. Formed from a loose series of performances at Manhattan's Nublu, Brazilian Girls' members span the globe: Sabina was born in Rome, raised in Munich and Nice; Didi hails from Buenos Aires; Jesse and Aaron are from California and Kansas, respectively. Their music is urban and urgent, but also soothingly melodic and entertaining. "Corner Store" dances on luxurious brass and a rolling New Orleans groove; "Pussy" drips with Jamaican humidity and city smarts; "Lazy Lover" sounds like The Orb exchanging barbs with Debussy. Judy Garland, eat your heart out.