Review - Live! at CBGB 1977

Artist: Dead Boys

Live! at CBGB 1977
Label: Music Video Distributors DVD
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Live! at CBGB 1977

Punk rock wasn't always the multimillion-dollar industry it is today. Once it was the unspendable currency of young people who looked to re-inject the rock & roll of the 1970s with a much-needed energy spike. Cleveland's Dead Boys were considered derivative at the time – Ramones rip-offs until they cut their hair and started ripping off the Sex Pistols. In retrospect, they'd merely mastered the art of being what their debut album called Young, Loud & Snotty. This 10-song, professional three-camera shoot captures all the hype. No punk wrote a tighter anthem than "Sonic Reducer" or could stir pathos like "Not Anymore" and "What Love Is," tunes the band worked up in their previous incarnation, Rocket From the Tombs (the other half of RFTT formed Pere Ubu). Bizarre now to think this was once considered "outsider art," when so many now imitate it in declawed form.