Review - Songs About Running Away

Artist: The Lost Patrol


Those familiar with Dennis Lyxzén's stint in The (International) Noise Conspiracy -- those Swedish, anarcho-punkers -- might be a little surprised by the pastoral melancholy of "Songs About Running Away." The Lost Patrol was Lyxzén's folkie alter-ego and now, with the Conspiracy behind him, it's his primary outlet. Sparse and brooding, the majority of the songs here are more effective as ideas than as actual songs; Lyxzén tends to rely on lyrical tropes and standard structures when approaching this softer music, perhaps in response to the continually challenging work of INC. With musical assistance from a number of friends on everything from saxophone and upright bass to slide guitar and organ, a lot of Songs get buried in business and the best number here is the simple and straightforward "The Way Things Are," which easily encapsulates the sad vibe Lyxzén was obviously striving for.