Review - A Snow Capped Romance

Artist: 36 Crazyfists

A Snow Capped Romance
Label: Roadrunner
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: A Snow Capped Romance

The fluid, circular riff that provides the foundation for "Kenai," the fourth track on "36 Crazyfists" debut album, is exactly the sort of compelling oddity that makes "Snow Capped Romance" an album worth revisiting. Though much of the composition on the album ventures into well-traveled territory, any clich├ęs are more than compensated for by various touches of personality that make the album surprisingly interesting. Most of those touches come from Steve Holt's wildly expressive guitar, while most of the clichés come from Brock Lindow's vocals, which, sadly, are far more dominant. Determined to modulate into some sort of poweremometalcore supergenre, 36 Crazyfists haven't quite figured out how to harness the energy of a simple, powerful guitar line without deconstructing it via unnecessary tempo changes and overly melodramatic vocal lines. When they succeed -- "Kenai," the brutal, Chimaira-like "With Nothing Underneath" -- it's awesome. When they fail, it's that much more disappointing.