Review - Jahmerica

Artist: The Supervillains


The never-ending party that The Supervillains have undertaken shows no signs of slowing, and from the opening track -- a wonderfully crude ode to car sex entitled, um, "Car Sex -- Get It On" -- "Jahmerica" is a gleeful celebration of drink, weed, sex and silliness with no pretense to seriousness, unless you try to read discrimination issues into the track "My Cousin Chris is Gay." What makes "Jahmerica" interesting is the way the sextet mixes their libertine lyrics with musical constructions that are wildly diverse. Some songs careen through multiple tempo changes, while others lock into mellow grooves, but little here could be classified as straightforward ska-punk, which is probably how the band is most readily identified. Somehow, through the dope haze and booze buzz they champion (explicitly on another obviously titled track, "Mary Jane and J҆germeister"), these guys continue to impress with music that's better than it needs to be. (The Supervillains play two CD-release shows at Back Booth on Saturday, Jan. 17; 6 p.m. with Green Goblyn Project and Spitvalves, 9 p.m. with Junkie Rush and Skif Dank.)