Review - Anorexia Gas Balloon

Artist: Satanicpornocultshop


Despite the ominous name and the Japa-noise context, this Osaka group provides some surprisingly pleasant -- even fun -- listening. The five core members have been working together for several years, under several different names, but "Anorexia Gas Balloon" is the first work they've done to receive any decent level of distribution. And though certainly not mainstream by any stretch of the imagination, the wit and cockeyed optimism that permeates the disc is a refreshing change from the spazzo-violence that Osaka's music scene is best known for. Cut-and-paste beats, girly-girl vocals, touches of lusciousness and bits of sonic freakery come together to create a sound that's both warm and a bit creepy. Oh, and when you hear what they do with cover versions of "Candy Says," "Some Velvet Morning," "Detachable Penis" and others, it all makes a little more sense. (Cautionary note: the images of chicks with dicks -- as in multiple penises -- on the inlay art of the disc may well spoil any hot Asian fantasies some of you boys may hold ... or it might enhance 'em. What do I know?)